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The Dolphelephant is as species of obscure creatures that are a hybrid cross between an elephant and a dolphin.


The head, skull, facial area, and tail usually are similar to that of a large dolphin, though the body and legs are similar to that of an elephant.

African Dolphelephant[]

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The African Dolphelephant is the most populous and common species of Dolphelephant. African Dolphelephants live primarily on the continent of Africa, usually being in locations such as South Africa, Niger, Chad, and several grasslands. However, some of these Dolphelephants have been known to migrate by themselves one at a time to Europe and Saudi Arabia.

Asian Dolphelephant[]

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The Asian Dolphelephant is a species of Dolphelephant residing in India, Indonesia, and Mongolia. It is the only species of Dophelephant to have ears, though they are small nubs that are roughly 3 cm in length. They often travel in small herds similar in social class to the African Dolphelephant but not in size. The group consists of an Alpha Male and a Beta Female. There is also a Delta tribe fighter (the most violent of the herd) and the Omega Gatherer (the Dolphelephant in the herd best at hunting and gathering food).          

Australian Dolphelephant[]

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The Australian Dolphelephant is the most different from the three species. It is the most aquatic with a turquoise/cerulean hue to their sleek skin. It has the fins of a dolphin instead of the legs of an elephant, as well as a blowhole which allows it to breathe both in and out of the water. They can dive down up to 40 metres (131 feet) and can only survive on land for about twenty minutes. The Australian Dolphelephant typically lives near the Great Barrier Reef.

South American Dolphelephant[]

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The South American Dolphelephant, or Subterranean Dolphelephant, is a fictitious species of Dolphelephant that were said lived in caverns in the lowest parts of the ocean around South America and lagoons in Brazil and the Amazon. It was created as a hoax to bring tourists to South America at the time when tourism was booming in Australia due to their aquatic dolphin/elephant hybrid that had become so famous. The hoax was discovered when a tourist accidentally fell off the railing at a supposed "Subterranean Dolphelephant Nesting Ground". The tourist bonked their foot on a metallic surface, releazing that it was a fake animatronic Dolphelephant used to simulate an actual aquatic Dolphelephant. The company creating the hoax was sued and lost the case.