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Police sketch of the earliest known Udderfly, though it has been concluded as having a larger udder than depicted in this sketch and with wings more closely resembling a moth rather than an eagle.

The Udderfly is a mythical cryptid creature similar in mythos to the Dolphelephant. It is said to take on the appearance of a female cow with vast wings stretching 4 feet across. The wings supposedly resemble a moth's. The udders of the Udderfly are a reported prominent feature, and are said to squirt milk that causes temporary blindness from between five minutes and seventeen seconds to eighteen minutes and twenty-two seconds.


The Udderfly has been supposedly sighted in several locations. Eyewitnesses claim that there may be a few entire colonies of Udderflies, living in the woods of Vancouver, the forests of North Carolina, South Carolina, and California, as well as in the fields of Nebraska and Saskatchewan. The only sightings reported outside of North America claim that an Udderfly resides in both southeastern Russia and the Kyushu island of Japan.


The eyewitness accounts seem to say that there are several diffent variations or species of Udderfly. While few have seen the Udderfly in its supposed cattle-like state, more have claimed that it has the head, eyes, body, legs, abdomen, and wings of a moth yet the ears and udders of a cow. Eyewitnesses sighting the creature in Canada claim that they have fuzzy, peach-colored brown caramel fur sprouting from white insect skin and reddish-colored udders. Eyewitnesses in the Carolinas claim the Udderfly has a greenish-brown hue and pink udders while reports from Nebraska and California describe a golden-sunny color with peach-colored hair and pinkish udders. However, sightings in Russia describe a purplish-lavender and blue coloring with bat-like wings and turqoise eyes along with mahogany-colored udders. And finally, Japanese eyewitnesses describe a cerulean Udderfly with turqoise stripes, purple eyes, and bluish-colored udders. These Udderflies have been named as species by cryptozoologists as:

  • Canadian Udderfly (Maplienan udderfliensis)
  • Carolinan Udderfly (Foreganan udderfliensis)
  • Greater Western Udderfly (Calibrasketon udderfliensis)
  • Lesser Eastern Udderfly (Russiolon udderfliensis)
  • Winter Udderfly (Winteralisi udderfliensis)

It is considered that the character Mothra from the Mothra and Godzilla franchises was directly inspired by the Winter Udderfly that supposedly resides in Kyushu, Japan.